What is the future going to be like?

When we think of the future, what do we think of? Robots, flying cars, alien invasion, and possibly teleportation are the first things that come to our mind. However, the items mentioned assume that everything is going to get “better.” I have to disagree…the world is not headed in the right direction and what we are doing as a society is definitely not “growth.”

After the industrialization period, we took off and progressed towards greater technological and economic success. What part was missing and underestimated? The environment. Although we may not realize it in our day-to-day lives, the environment is always there and is the ultimate source of our accomplishment. Agriculture, the oldest profession by far, requires land and water plus knowledge of growth and harvesting periods. The environment is what we cultivated and altered to meet our needs. The Earth never had to be cultivated in this manner and land use didn’t have to be so intensive and extensive in its properties. As populations grew, what did we do? We settled into towns, then cities and finally migrated all over the place until we created a sort of global world thanks to discoveries of new countries. Then, major cities sprouted and what we call mega-cities are now growing even more! If we think of how much burden we placed on the environment, just imagine if we never ever cultivated or industrialized…the land would be virtually undisturbed and we would just be like animals that hunt and live on a day-to-day basis.

Fortunately, for humans, our capabilities to use tools and solve complex problems helped us survive and definitely played a major role in shaping what society is like today. Nevertheless, does this mean we could play with the environment and use it to meet whatever demands we have? Is our economy more important? Is money that necessary? Is everything that we do just to please ourselves? I feel like everything we accomplished throughout the hundreds of years is not necessary and inventions to convert energy and the creation of currency were just a major waste of time…and the cost is all placed on the environment no matter how we think about it.

At this point, the future is bleak and whatever is going on in the world is our own fault and we must fix it as one entity. Some Major roadblocks to this include the humanitarian crisis, wars, terrorism, government corruption, economic downturns, gender gaps, and most of all, a moral code to create freedom, peace and a life of joy for all. We know that there is just too much stuff and we can never fix everything, but that’s the irony! We have to somehow stop climate change but with political division and all the other negativity spreading all over the world, we are just exacerbating the situation. The future needs everyone to rise up and take charge for what must be solved. We can do it, but the thing is…the intricacies of the web of life are just too great — we need to change ourselves and alter the way we view life. Technology and the economy cannot just be the only sectors we focus on. We have to bring in the social and environmental aspects together along with them to create something we have only just recently begun practicing: sustainability!


Stay tuned for more…until then, thank you for reading my first blog although I was too excited and wrote it quite fast without much thought! More quality and thought-provoking blogs coming soon!

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