Save the Environment: Ready, set, go!

Here we are in the 21st century. Environmentalism took a turn for the better in the 1960s with pioneers such as Rachel Carson taking a firm stand for those who cannot speak. That’s right — all those problems including new issues have risen to such great magnitudes that we are overwhelmed by them in our hectic daily life. For one, climate change is a result of industrial activity and humans have produced such amazing technology, advanced in our knowledge of various subjects, and mastered creativity. All this was at the expense of the environment. Cultural lag, a popular sociological concept, can be applied to the environment in that the harm we are causing is also generating lag. In other words, we are doing harm to ourselves and the environment.


In our current situation, all we can do is focus on solving and hopefully reversing our damage. This long-term project, if you will, will be a lengthy process which will likely take decades to plan, initiate, enforce, and expand. Some of the best scientists have taken a stand at the IPCC to show that humans are the cause. Humans must figure out ways to innovate and sustainably act. Sustainability is a new sector where economics, social aspects, and the environment intersect. It is our only hope. As humans, the most intelligent creatures on the planet, we should be able to figure this out. On a side note, isn’t it ironic how humans have caused tremendous damage and are creative, manipulative, and intelligent as well? Anyway, we are coming up with inventions to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, generate higher efficiency solar cells, and promoting reforestation in biodiversity hotspots such as the Amazon. We must propel and fuel our efforts to projects like these to ultimately save ourselves and safeguard future generations plus mitigate climate change to the best of our ability.

Here are some useful tips that will encourage us to act more sustainably and eco-friendly (everyone can become an environmental/Earth warrior!):

  • Plant your own garden – start with native species and remove those invasive species whenever they sprout and if they have already trespassed on your property. Those are not healthy for your mini-ecosystem and should be removed as soon as possible to reach optimal conditions for native species and species which depend upon those natives.
  • Conserve your water — as simple as that – reduce all your water-intensive activities and use as little water as possible. Essentially, you want to maximize your gains while minimizing your water usage. Wash maximum loads and water your garden in the early morning or at night to minimize evaporation. Indeed, it is all about minimization and maximization when it comes to saving the most precious resource of all! Get rid of that grass and plant your own species! It will save a ton of water + money. Why not? Water is vital and so is money these days, so get on with it!
  • Save energy — similar to water, you want to maintain the minimization and maximization method. When you leave a room or when no one is there, turn the light off! Even better, turn every appliance off and unplug them all! Here’s to saving more energy + money! See how easy it is? A simple rule to follow is: if you are not using something that consumes electricity, then unplug it! Of course, refrigerators should not be unplugged because of food and food uses water AND energy to make, so there will be a huge net loss! 
  • Support your local environmental organizations — you will get even more tips, meet people who share your interests, and even get a chance to voice your own opinion on issues which are hotly debated these days such as fracking and illegal wildlife trade! Don’t worry, it will all be worth it — you will be making a difference even though you may not physically see the results!! You should not be expecting major rewards and recognition — do it for your own well-being and maintain your integrity as a human being.
  • Blog your way and use social media to further expand your environmental concerns — it is fun and easy to start! Think of it like a business, you are trying to market something — many websites offer great tips for producing posts that captivate and capture a wide audience! Start doing some research and go create your social media accounts and blogs!
  • Reduce your food waste — Buy what you need and try not to throw anything away. Tell others to do the same, but don’t force them! It is simple, but remember food requires a lot of effort to make and money/energy/water are all expended at various steps through the processes of growing, packing, and exporting.

    That’s all for now! It is easy to participate and the best thing is that there are many, many, many, many, many more ways to help the environment! Every little change in your lifestyle can positively impact your environment, but remember: action is better than inaction!


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