How being social in virtual reality helped me in real life – Part II

Note: There will be many parts to this topic! Now, continuing on with the DDTank, there are also leagues. Leagues are basically collaborations or large groups, if you will. These are synonymous with clubs in college where there are roles and memberships. The leagues I joined with my friend were extremely diverse, with people... Continue Reading →


How being social in virtual reality helped me in real life – Part I

When we think of games, we think of trolls or misbehaving children/teenagers/adults. But, think of those who actually wish to make connections or get to know others better. This may improve your ability to interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Who knows, they may even help you find some new songs in a... Continue Reading →

DOTA & Chemistry (Why the two?)

When you read the title, you were probably puzzled as to why DOTA (an extremely popular online game) and chemistry were placed next to each other...what in the world is the reason? To be honest, DOTA may actually help you memorize certain things in school. I actually applied DOTA when I was memorizing the periodic... Continue Reading →

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