DOTA & Chemistry (Why the two?)

When you read the title, you were probably puzzled as to why DOTA (an extremely popular online game) and chemistry were placed next to each other…what in the world is the reason?

To be honest, DOTA may actually help you memorize certain things in school. I actually applied DOTA when I was memorizing the periodic table for my 8th grade science class. Now, this will only work if you have played/still play DOTA and/or just know the heroes and their abbreviations really well. For example, let’s say we have Sb. What in the world is Sb???!!! To a DOTA fan, Sb is another way of saying Spirit Breaker (a character that looks like a bull in WarCraft). How does this help with the periodic table? Recall from your chemistry class that Sb is the symbol for antimony. That’s right — we made our first DOTA-periodic table connection. This may seem odd since you may asking yourself why you would want to add an extra step in memorizing the elements/symbols. However, having something fun or making learning more fun may actually improve your grade — it sure helped me prepare for exam on the periodic table on which I was able to even answer the extra credit ones!!!

People often create mnemonics or flashcards to help them memorize new things. But, why not apply what you already know and enjoy to something you have /wish to learn? It is a win-win situation, right? Students may hate school, but that does not necessarily mean they can’t make it fun using their own hobbies as a method of succeeding and acquiring knowledge. If more gamers did this, who knows what could happen and we may even spark an interest; however, that is not the main point. I want to emphasize that throughout my school years, I always wanted to find a way to make learning enjoyable rather than a constant chore. Many students would probably agree. Their dislikes arise from too much homework and possibly even the subject matter. But, that can change. I am not sure how to relate other games (there are many, many games you could use) to subjects in school, but why not try? If you can establish links between games, why not go for it? You will likely feel somewhat motivated because something “fun” is incorporated into your everyday learning. Isn’t that what teachers and educators strive for? This is just an alternative which you can try at home.

The point of this post is to show how the little things in life can help you in another part of your life. Now, the DOTA-periodic table example may seem odd and pointless. Why not just use another method to learn? I will repeat again that the answer is to create a sense of enjoyment…something which we will likely never see in classes we do not want to take or in other situations. Whatever it is, bring the positive pieces of your life and try to manipulate them in a way to better yourself and to ultimately have fun when learning. After all, when we stop learning, are we living anymore?

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Share this with your friends and family and inspire others to be creative and fun when it comes to school or other related tasks.

Only you know what works best for you. Studying habits vary from person and to person as well as the ability to learn new things. Just find your own niche and nurture yourself. It will not help if you make learning seem difficult. Find some ways to make it interesting.

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