How being social in virtual reality helped me in real life – Part I

When we think of games, we think of trolls or misbehaving children/teenagers/adults. But, think of those who actually wish to make connections or get to know others better. This may improve your ability to interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Who knows, they may even help you find some new songs in a foreign language or even teach you a thing or two. (Both of these happened in my case!!!) ūüôā

I played a game called DDTank. It is a turn-based game where you can play with others by doing dungeons or battling each other. You can even get married (it is a somewhat weird experience). Now, we usually assume a player is going to competitive, bash others, and play to be the best as possible. While this is true, I assumed a different role in DDTank rather than focus on being the best in the game. We have aliases of course, but for those who become close to us, we use social media to connect. This is just like real life, but a different medium is used here.

I have to say this: DDTank was the first game where I felt globally connected and my experiences in the game helped me become a more open and approachable person during college [THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE BLOGS FOR THIS TOPIC]. Truthfully, the first two years of my college life were not that great. I was not as open to new experiences and found it hard to make friends. However, DDTank played a pivotal role in changing this dramatically.

I met my first ever friend on DDTank one day more than two years ago and we continued to play almost everyday. We were both¬†around the same age. At that instant, I felt relieved that I actually found someone to connect with since I never, ever had a friend in that game early on. We talked about our daily lives, about college work and any interesting news. He even taught me some things he was learning in psychology. You know what’s great about that: Most often than not, people are usually spiteful and wish to be the best in the game as I stated. Being¬†nice doesn’t always work in that situation. However, my friend and I were¬†sincere¬†in our words and when we played, we never got mad at each other. In DDTank, you have to shoot knives, plungers, lasers, and many other cool things at your enemy. When I missed or he missed, we always gave each other¬†words of encouragement.¬†We did not degrade one another or belittle other people. We were there just¬†like people who want to have a drink at the bar or something similar without causing trouble.¬† Long story short, I really miss that friend. It is difficult for others to understand just how attached I was because they have never actually been in my shoes. Although I may never see him again because we do not play anymore, I know that he is doing well in his studies. Isn’t that the sort of relationship we want to form? We want to make sure others are happy. I did not annoy him or get angry at him because he left me.¬†I was not acting selfishly, but I wanted him to be happy because he was an honest and sincere person. He even waited 30 mins – 1 hour for me sometimes when I had to go eat or do other things. I have to say I did feel guilty but he still waited all that time for me in the game lobby.¬†

***********Now, that is what you call a patient person. One who doesn’t even know who the other is but still waits for his return.*********

Truthfully, we see people on the news doing amazing things, but I feel that his patience and kindness should be worthy of discussion. Most people I know are not like that, but I felt like crying because of something I have never ever seen in a person (in an online game).


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