How being social in virtual reality helped me in real life – Part II

Note: There will be many parts to this topic!

Now, continuing on with the story…in DDTank, there are also leagues. Leagues are basically collaborations or large groups, if you will. These are synonymous with clubs in college where there are roles and memberships. The leagues I joined with my friend were extremely diverse, with people from all over the world. Sometimes, it was difficult to even figure out the language so others had to help translate. I have always wanted to learn about cultures and foreign languages, and leagues certainly gave me experiences.

The main point of the leagues is to form a bond or sort of like a long-lasting friendship in the game. Indeed, I met quite a handful of people who I now personally know. That feeling of being connected to people around the world is just fascinating to me. As an environmental science major, I find that cultures and the way people behave play a crucial role in how they view/tackle environmental challenges. Although leagues don’t embody a similar feeling, they still show how people behave among others of different backgrounds. I can recall many times when my league mates and I used to ask each other the time. This is because our time zones were dramatically different and it was simply hilarious at times when we used to comment on why a specific person was awake at 3 AM for example. Those were good times. But really now, is there a good or at least a reasonable reason to be on the computer at that time?

I have dealt with various troublesome people in the game and sometimes had to stay focused and remain calm when I felt angry. Self-control is really important both in the game and in real life. In both cases, you would be ostracized or criticized for being angry at another person. The simple answer is to just ignore any bad comments and just try to continue with life and look forward with a positive perspective. Nonetheless, the majority of my experiences in a league were enjoyable and fun.

To this day, I find that knowing others not in your own vicinity is helpful. Many people do not meet others simply by sitting on a chair. But, virtual reality enables this immediate connection. It is amazing how we can criticize gaming, but why not think of the positive parts? Why focus heavily on the negative? We all have seen or heard of the phrase: Gaming is a waste of time. However, it all depends on one’s perspective and one’s goals in life as well as a combination of many, many other things. We cannot simply tell someone that. Of course there will be negatives, but try to see gaming as a category such as school or work.

We only go to school and work because we have to survive. Gaming is an optional part. Suppose going to school and gaming were the norms. Someone who went to school would be seen as wasting time. This is difficult to think about if you are already biased toward a specific aspect. 

All I am saying is that we have to appreciate each person’s views. Just like DDTank and many other games, people have their own stories — just written through virtual reality.


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