Noodles without water in microwave

Yes, I made a major mistake – I microwaved Trader Joe’s noodles without water and suddenly – smoke! I freaked out since I have never, ever, ever seen something like that before. This was definitely stupid, but hey that’s experience. For me, it was especially astonishing because I have never forgotten to put water with noodles before and I have never seen smoke coming from the container itself! Thankfully, all went well as my friend helped me and the situation was defused in a few minutes.

Well, I will never forget what happened ever again, that’s for sure. It’s interesting how something so scary can affect us profoundly even if it was for such a short moment. Now, I did not tell you the reason why – why is that? There is no reason why. Of course there has to be a reason for everything, but hey, things happen sometimes and we just learn. Why is the sky blue? Why are clouds white? Science tells us why, but really, when you are asked to explain why, don’t you get stumped? Well, that’s the same thing that happened here, except the reason why may not even exist or is it too complicated to believe? Well, enough for now.

This was short, but hope you got a kick out of it! Thanks for reading!

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