Weird Proof #1 – Prove using PC that C3P0 is a robot?!

Hi all! This is just a fun post and the first of many “proofs” still to come! Hope you like it!

pc = cp –>

3pc = c3p –>

3pc0 = c3p0 –>

30pc = c3p0 –>

three zero*pc = c3p0 –>

thirty*pc = c3p0 –>

(baskin robins flavors – 1)*pc = c3p0 –>

(ice cream – 1)*pc = c3p0 –>

(cold – 1)*pc = c3p0 –>

equation*pc = c3p0 –>

math*pc = c3p0 –>

intelligence*pc = c3p0 –>

AI*pc = c3p0 –>

robot*pc = c3p0 –>

robot computer = c3p0 (Star Wars)

EDIT: I used 0 instead of the letter O…but hope you still enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! Like this proof? Share it with your friends and family! 🙂 More to come…and have a happy new year!!!

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