U.S. Education: From Failure to Functional (Part I)

Some students slack off, some are bored, and some are automatically tuned to learning whatever is presented to them…what’s the fix? Be sure to read all the way and stay tuned for updates…

As a college student in the U.S. I sometimes feel apprehensive about the education I am receiving for such a high cost…I mean it is not sustainable. I acknowledge that some people do not even have a chance of attaining a quality education because of costs/poverty or lack of institutions. Let’s just focus on the U.S. As part of the American Dream, I learned that anyone who works hard will be successful; however, does hard work = success? The “=” is a huge misunderstanding. It should be a question mark instead. Although some people achieve the American Dream, does this mean every person who works hard will be successful?

Find a career you love. Find something you will enjoy. Do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. Those dreams are easily shattered. Just because it works for some people doesn’t mean it works for everyone…

In our early years, I believe we have to stay on track. Therefore, the U.S. education must incorporate a way of introducing optional classes which allow students to explore their own needs. I cannot stress this enough – If a student doesn’t like a particular class, then he/she will not function in the same way as in a class he//she adores. Of the course the basic skills need to be learned at early years, but this transformation can take place in later years, say middle to high school. That way, students will (or should have) acquired all the essential basic skills to function in higher classes.

On another note, life skills are important. As a highly introverted person, I find it very difficult to function in large groups. Why not introduce some classes to encourage this behavior early on in school? It will allow students to try to understand different personalities and behaviors. Let’s say for homework in elementary school, students have to bring questions on a piece of paper the next day about their potential group members. This will encourage friendly interactions and may even help curb bullying at an early age. It seems to me this may be a viable option although not perfect…

Also, other basic life skills such as cooking, changing a tire, family planning and more are all possible courses that students can take in school granted there are some teachers and curriculum planned for them.

I know this is not complete but stay tuned for updates. I believe the U.S. can alter its education system and potentially transform it from one that is breeding some failure to one that is at least functional and versatile in some aspects given there are some major policy and standard changes. After all, students are and will be the lifeblood of America.


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