Hero – Cherish those who deserve to be called heroes…

What is your definition of a hero? What makes a hero a hero? For some, heroes are those who are miracle workers. We often hear: “You’re my hero because you saved my life.” Others are considered heroes simply because of unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if one is trapped beneath heavy rocks and suddenly emerges one day, how can that person be a hero? He just happened to survive. Yet, those adjacent who have died are not heroes? In that case, why not just all everyone a hero.

Words are getting out of hand. A hero is applied to anyone who supposedly survives; yet, why do we continue to be this way? People may say questioning such a matter is absurd and a waste of time, but they may blindly be living in some form. A hero is slowly becoming cliche; what’s more is the usage is getting out of hand just like other common phrases like “hard work.” Of course anyone can say “Hey, I am a hard worker. How dare you question me?” But, why can’t the person just use another word to give a more specific description. We should be able to apply this to “hero” as well. Heroes cannot be attributed to a certain people or group, but they should be at least well-defined so as to circumscribe the dramatic influence it has today.

Anyway, a major thank you and salute to all the heroes who deserve respect and our sincere gratitude. In fact, we should even have a day where we send e-mails to all those who have served to risk their lives. Those include firefighters, police offers, armed forces and those who do incredible work to save lives. Let’s save the word “hero” for these tremendous people who go above and beyond. Their work is a priceless gift we often take for granted. It is shameful to categorize them with others who have absolutely done nothing to save lives. They are indeed the true saviors of our time. Those who sacrifice themselves are heroes. In other words, if you cannot make the equation “sacrifice = hero,” then the person who you’re describing is not a hero.

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