How I got involved with foreign music

Mainstream music is considered the "norm" here in America. There are probably very few people my age who listen to the music I do. The key message here is: If you don't listen to the most popular and latest hits or watch current movies, you are not going to have smooth conversations. This may be... Continue Reading →


Something we need to change

A parent goes to get lunch with the baby in the car. Upon arrival, the parent says, "Hey, it'll only take minute. My baby can stay inside." Regardless of the hot weather, the parent goes, slowly sapping the life away from the baby. Something we need to change "Hey dad, turn on the news." "Ok,... Continue Reading →

A single Classical Greek sentence

I could not wait to start my first Classical Greek homework assignment. The task was to translate simple sentences. Along with basic present verb forms, imperatives and vocabulary, I was taking my first steps and tackling Greek. One thing I must say is the incredibly hilarious sentences and fun vocabulary. We would never think of... Continue Reading →

First Interview

Interview Intro I remember my first job interview during college. It was during a hot, summer day. I chose to walk because I was used to walking to school all my life. I meticulously google mapped every street and did a street view journey a couple days before as if I were actually "walking" to... Continue Reading →

Dear Rezin,

Dear Rezin, My long time friend on DDTank, I hope you are well. I can never forget the wonderful memories we have had. We struggled in Ares battles for hours and successfully completed missions many times over. I have to say you were an awesome friend who just kept me motivated and kept me company... Continue Reading →

Unconventional Thoughts

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” -Bertrand Russell We are quick to judge when something different is said. It is as if we clutch to our traditional thoughts and don't attempt to fathom someone else's thoughts. We think we are right and the other side... Continue Reading →

Writing and Music

My writing space involves a desk and a laptop and I usually write in the early afternoon. Usually, I just free write and later edit to check for grammatical and spelling errors. The one thing I need is a little disturbance and music is just what it means. By music, I mean foreign music as... Continue Reading →

Online friends

A few years ago, I started playing DDTank (an online game) and found some great online friends. Even though we don't talk as much now and are not in touch anymore, I still have some pleasant memories. Friends from the virtual world, How glad I am to have met you. We talked and talked, And... Continue Reading →

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