Blogging 101 Intro

Hello, my name is Aziz. I am a recent environmental science graduate and I am excited to learn about blogging. I was captivated by expats/ESL teachers abroad/food travel bloggers and their incredible wealth of knowledge. We can learn so much from one another even if it is not something purely academic. Moreover, shared connections and linkages with social media and technology all are exciting.

I want to share some of my thoughts and knowledge as well. Just by communicating online, we can positively impact at least a few people. My long-term goals include making permanent connections and maintaining contact with people who are here to share their own insights on certain topics. I enjoy anything “environment” based, historical Korean dramas and the Greek language the most.

Writing about conservation and protecting the planet is my priority. However, I also want to incorporate some interesting moments on Korean dramas and how society can act to better the health of our planet. My target audience would be anyone interested in the three topics mentioned above. Furthermore, I love the Greek language. Although it’s beginning Classical Greek, I enjoy translating short stories so it would be great to introduce and write about my experiences with Greek.

My goals are simple: entertain and learn. I want to connect with anyone and learn about different cultures and hobbies while providing fresh perspectives and communicating different topics. After all, we don’t get a chance to go abroad often.

Thank you and I hope to read some amazing posts and connect as well! 🙂

Blogging U.

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    1. Great to hear, I’ll check it out. Ya, ancient Greek history and mythology is awesome. The stories are especially emotional but can also be quite odd at times depending on which historian you read.


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