Writing 101 Intro

I write because I want to point out things that may be unconventional. We live in a world that is stagnant. We are surrounded by greed and popularity. Trends shape our behavior. Often times, I write way out of the blue about something that seems insignificant; however, writing is what allows me to share what I honestly feel even if it means going beyond reality.

In particular, writing is like an empty bowl that can be filled with anything I wish. Moods and thoughts can easily be altered. Imagine one time you make salad in a bowl and then a cake the next. The content and surrounding context is different but the bowl remains. It is constantly washed like our thoughts that are malleable. We learn new things and accordingly apply new perspectives. That is what makes humans exceptional. But, the power of humans is limited to our planet’s resources which is the point I want to make next.

As a recent environmental science graduate, there is not one day where I have not thought of our planet. Writing is what will help me send messages to the global community. I may not be one who is actively taking part in recycling, going door-to-door and asking to sign a petition, or introducing new technology; but, at least I am given a hand and pencil to write. Writing is what helps me say things I would never be able to act out or physically carry out. It is a medium by which I can say something and either be criticized or praised.


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  1. Have a good voyage …”realms of gold …’round many islands …”
    Avoid reality and China’s new coal burning electricity generating power stations …
    And procreation is an enigma when studying carbon footprints.

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    1. Interesting first sentence – I have never seen that quote before! Anyway, you are right in that population growth and coal burning are all major harbingers of doom to our planet.

      I am puzzled since we have advanced medical technology and population growth; we want to save the planet but we are going to live longer…and even if we reduce procreation rates, who knows what will happen…

      As for coal burning, we need to adapt to clean energy…but politics is always getting in the way……….

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      1. On first looking into Chapman’s Homer.
        Google it if you wish to …
        The carbon footprint enigma was a question for WWW consumption and demands serious application.
        Ditto a simple example of China’s opening a new power station almost weekly.
        That is but one example for science to address.
        The argument is that without major solutions to such as the two problems given here … Recycling by individuals is a doomed exercise?

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