Learning never stops…

1) Classical Greek Grammar is a pain for the brain.
2) A king has to watch out for hidden daggers.
3) Never make a queen cry, for she is the one who benefits and desires you the most.
4) My favorite animal (the polar bear) may go extinct in my lifetime.
5) Make friends that will last a lifetime, not ones that will be temporary.
6) Even a king has to cry, so let your emotions out whenever appropriate.
7) Make friends from around the world; learn their cultures.
8) Get active online – there are so many hobby forums and things to do.
9) Go to codecademy and make your own name in colorful bubble style.
10) Be benevolent, patient and strict. But, never harm or cross anyone.
11) We may be doomed as a society even though we believe we are advanced.
12) If you’re in California, watch out for the ‘The Big One’ that will hit most likely before 2030.
13) Doing push-ups and running in place in between studying, blogging, and watching videos is a great way to avoid sitting often.
14) Jump for joy randomly, it’ll make you less stressed.
15) Live to learn something, even if it is just as simple as learning to multiply quickly.
16) Feed the ducks and you will instantly feel connected with a different type of creature.
17) No one can have great power without great help.
18) Go play some games and make some friends, even though they may disappear randomly one day. The experience is what counts.

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