The gates are open!

‘The gates are open!’ This is a phrase that is frequently associated with wartime. In particular, Korean historical dramas have the famous saying: “Open the gates!” I thought I would twist it a bit and use the tagline to tie in blogging/writing with that saying.

We should bring our own “thinking caps” (helmets) and “army of thoughts” (soldiers) to battle every day. We adapt to new strategies and come up with new ways of thinking. Think of every word we write as soldiers trodding upon some barren land marching towards a fortress where another commander with his own army of thoughts is eager to defend his/her own thoughts. This leads me to my next points: Associating, denying and mixing.

Suppose both commanders and their army of thoughts meet. Some writing may lead to certain emotions or perhaps one thought victorious over another. Some may completely deny what is said and fight on to the end. Finally, in the end, the victor will mix the soldiers together just like thoughts to end up with a new set of soldiers and thoughts, respectively.

To sum up, Korean historical dramas have always captivated me. Their emotion and incessant need to fight for land makes it all the most interesting. Perhaps the overarching theme is devotion. Soldiers and servants are loyal to their lord no matter what just like thoughts bring us close together. We may clash at times; however, we will always remain similar in some aspects and differ in others.

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