Treasure – No, not the one pirates go after!

When I hear treasure, I do not think of something money related but something that can be valued. We all have those little and big treasures in our life. For some it is our children, family and pets while for others it is their blog, plants, and games. Treasure is something that is a higher rank than other things.

I treasure my Greek language book. I have carried it and opened it every day during the academic year. It is something I continue to glance at once in a while since I know most of the grammar. It may be odd that I attach myself to that book where there are so many online texts that explain grammar just as well if not even better with even more examples; however, it is the memory that book has provided me. I can imagine myself walking to and from class carrying the book and reading it along the way. During class, my instructor would often have us repeat the vocabulary. Those are the memories I cherish and that is why my book is my treasure.

Something that is treasured has the power to evoke emotion and make us feel joy or melancholy. Think of something you treasure. You can physically touch it and use it if applicable, but what about the ethereal part? There is an aura surrounding that treasured item/person which only you can feel. If that item/person is taken away from you, you feel like you have lost something dear to you and that is exactly what I mean. The aura is a magnet surrounding the item/person inside and out. It is magical, yet so real. We can never imagine ourselves losing that treasured item/person until it happens. Then, we succumb to regret and feeling hopeless. It is indeed the very nature of a treasured item/person. It is a double-edged sword that provides immense happiness, yet a painful experience as well.

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