A dot that can be taken anywhere…

Where will you go?
Where will you go?

A map lists all the places you can travel. But, when I look at it, I see many unknown paths. Upon graduation from college, we are said to have entered into the “real world.” This world is precisely what the map depicts. These days we are exposed to countless people, news and things. With the rate of advancement, it is as if we ourselves are slowed down while everything else is sped up. What does the map evoke? A sense of direction that we can take – for the better or for worse…

Another ethereal thing worth mentioning is the idea of luck and fate. Who knows, we may have bad luck and end up in traffic in our life (we are impeded by some loans or poor credit). Although we may create it ourselves, it is part of a cycle we all go through. Our problems are shared. Many in the past have faced similar if not greater challenges. What fascinates me is fate. In history, lives were said to have been dependent upon the Heavens and whatever Heaven willed, was indeed the outcome. Today, we don’t completely disregard this idea, but we believe self-control is what makes us pursue success and face danger. Our choices are what make us unique, and that is what the map does. We are free to choose where to go, either seek refuge in barren lands or in the vibrant city.

Nonetheless, we have to take into account our own life history: our family, social status, wealth, personalities, mental health, and so on. The list goes on and where we travel on the map depends on how we are molded by our surroundings. To break the barrier seems impractical, but we can take risks and go places even if it means trouble or high uncertainty. Above all, we must never forget our own mistakes, even if they have been committed by others because we ourselves gain a higher understanding when something unfortunate happens to us directly.

One question I pose to you all is: What do you think makes us want to get out of our comfort zones and explore? Is it simply our mind or is it to fulfill our urges to get out of our own mundane world?

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