From knowing nothing to knowing nothing

From the moment we are born, we are given time to play and bother our parents so much that they freak out. In a few years, we embark on a journey that will roughly sap away our lives until we are in our early 20s. That journey is school. Another cliche statement that comes to mind is: Go to school, study hard, find a job and settle down. Most people think life can be simplified to this statement. Yet, as the tweet by EJ Koh points out, we actually learn that we know nothing about the immense world in which we live. It is as though once we find a decent job, we focus our thoughts and brainpower elsewhere. By contrast, we have yet to even discover a minute amount of knowledge.

What I mean is we are presented with a ton of information each day that we must process. Forgetting it or incorporating it are the simplest way of responding to a stimulus. Now, the thing is we often specialize in some field that captures us. These days, we are hindered with the capability to learn simply because a specific field will not pay enough for “living fees” as I like to call them. Student loans boggle our minds and our focus is lost. If we could simply enjoy learning in a way that would not hurt our lifestyle, that would be the best scenario possible.

Going back to the tweet, there is always something we come across that is incomprehensible. What is a quark? A physicist could easily answer that. But, to the average human being, it is of no interest. That spark is missing. Even if we know a mere fact, it may incite an insightful conservation or lead to some other chain of thoughts. That is why I like to learn any random thing. No matter what it’s about or how useless it may be. The key here is that even if we pick up something new, it is still knowledge. Moreover, even though we may not use that fact everyday, it is something valuable in our own “treasure chest” of thoughts. We can link and provide tags to that specific fact or phrase in our mind. That way, we can easily analyze the innermost meaning behind it.

The best part is we never run out of information. With technology, our thoughts can wander wherever and there is an endless opportunity to learn anything, no matter how trivial. Sure, it may not help you get a job, but we can at least respect that it is something new and our knowledge will grow regardless of what others think.

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