Online friends

A few years ago, I started playing DDTank (an online game) and found some great online friends. Even though we don’t talk as much now and are not in touch anymore, I still have some pleasant memories.

Friends from the virtual world,
How glad I am to have met you.
We talked and talked,
And I learned so much about you all.
What connected us is not the game,
But how we interacted with one another.
Some may say online friends are not as great as real friends,
But I say experiencing new things is what makes us grow.

How we pursued several stages over and over again,
Endless attempts leading to little success.
Mistakes were made,
And words were said,
But we overcame our differences and continued instead.
Success came as a result of teamwork,
We were overjoyed with victory,
But knew there would be more tough times ahead.

How we waited for each other,
I admired that the most.
We learned to be patient,
A life-long goal it is.
How I enjoyed those times,
I will never forget.

Those memories will never fade,
No matter what happens.
I hope we meet one day,
Or even chat once in May.

More to come…

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