Unconventional Thoughts

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” -Bertrand Russell

We are quick to judge when something different is said. It is as if we clutch to our traditional thoughts and don’t attempt to fathom someone else’s thoughts. We think we are right and the other side is wrong. We delve ourselves into protecting our own lives. Certainly if one person, suddenly out of the blue, says some incomprehensible phrase, we should doubt it at first. But, make no mistake, we are not true to our own word if we don’t take into account the pros and cons of that very phrase.

The Earth revolves around the sun. We accept it now, but if we were born a few centuries earlier, we would be doubtful. Of course, we have to understand how history has shaped our understanding of so many physical phenomena. Those who were ostracized for radical thoughts or published statements were unjustified. But, what’s interesting is it seems that fear of accepting something new is still widespread today.

Are we going to have flying cars and holographic chats or even live forever? For some, those are far-fetched notions that seem impossible. However, we will never find out until we are long gone and posterity is enjoying the “new” technologies. The beauty of not knowing what will happen is what shakes us and reminds us we must focus our efforts on progress. However, we must hold close to our hearts what externalities we create. If we cause harm, we should pay for it or at least fix it so that any damage will not pose a problem in the future.

Unconventional thoughts some may dream or talk about may end up true. As Bertrand Russell stated, we shrug of any abnormalities until they end up governing our lives.

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