Why I like the song “Pergilah Kasih”

Song name: Pergilah Kasih
Band: D’Masiv [Modernized version of original by Chrisye]

Why I enjoy this song: This Indonesian song shows us the “selfish” aspect of humans and how it leads to a broken relationship.

A friend is someone who speaks to keep you company when you are alone or when you need help relieve stress or even school issues. A friend must also realize that he/she is not the only one who must communicate. That communication should be equally reciprocated among two friends. In Pergilah Kasih a boy truly cares for his friend who he keeps company when they observe the stars and planets. However, she behaves as if her friend means nothing to her and he is just there to support her. However, she is so involved in going to space that she often is late to respond and constantly asks him to wait. Once she is gone, the two miss each other and do not realize how their cooperation failed miserably. Since they are far apart, they now feel the pain they didn’t when they were together.

Take away message: I believe we should give attention to the person we really like. If one acts as if he/she is the only one who deserves all the best, he/she is wrong. Moreover, people don’t seem content with what they have and ask for trouble by taking part in other matters.

If you want to keep a friend, you have to do work to keep the relationship alive. Friendship does not revolve around only one person but instead on how the two react to one another and how they behave. If there is no linkage, there can be no real friendship.

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