Dear Rezin,

Dear Rezin,

My long time friend on DDTank, I hope you are well. I can never forget the wonderful memories we have had. We struggled in Ares battles for hours and successfully completed missions many times over. I have to say you were an awesome friend who just kept me motivated and kept me company when not many others could. We were league mates from the beginning and we followed each other til the very end. Even though we don’t play DDTank anymore, no matter where you are, you will always be remembered. You were truly awesome, my friend.

I started out as a lonely person in the game, but once we talked and played together I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to see you online. We started out as newbies on DDTank with little experience and people to help us. We all were level 1 once but now we reached at least up to 43 and persevered through all the difficulties. Stage fights were tough. I remember we used to 1v1 often and those were hilariously fun. It was a good learning experience to see how the toilet plunger and other weapons in the game worked.

Now, I want to talk about Ares. We were Ares partners pretty much every day at the same time. We jumped in and confronted many enemies. Sometimes we were victorious and other times we learned new strategy. You even encouraged me to try calculating angle and power. It was fun doing some math and getting involved with mechanics and strategies. I used to play many times just for fun, but hey sometimes we have to get serious right? We have to have the drive to be competitive. We can’t stop fighting. Although we were faced with level 50s and avid cash shop users, we did our best and ended up succeeding even though we actually lost the battle. Your skills were much better than mine and you always kept me motivated. You told me to never give up. Our lives have diverged, but maybe one day they will intersect.

Although DDTank was just a fun, childish game, I can never forget the lessons I learned. Sometimes we think we have to something serious to gain experience; however, any opportunity gives rise to experience. We overcame challenges, we adapted to different enemies, we created strategies and we made sure to never give up. Sounds a lot like life lessons, right? I hope your life is treating you well and you are staying awesome as usual! I hope one day our paths cross.


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