First Interview

Interview Intro
I remember my first job interview during college. It was during a hot, summer day. I chose to walk because I was used to walking to school all my life. I meticulously google mapped every street and did a street view journey a couple days before as if I were actually “walking” to the interview. To get to the location which was the north campus of my college, google estimated a walking time of about an hour; however, a portion of the road had no sidewalk and I literally had to wait til the cars could go by. Moreover, the path was mostly sand and dust since a local marsh was nearby so walking in those dark black shoes was a bit of a challenge. The weather did not help either.

The Journey
I got my folder, resume, references, notepad, and a pen ready along with the essentials I like to call PWK (phone, wallet and keys! :)). I was on my way to the interview soon after. I ended up with the afternoon slot so the temperature was going to be at its peak unfortunately. On my notepad, I checked each and every direction the day before to make sure it was up to date. Yes, I check a lot but for things like this, it was worth it to check an extra time to get the logistics set. Anyway, as I stepped out, I could feel the burning sun already getting to me. Walking in those shoes was uneasy as well, but I got used to them after a few minutes. After passing the “regular” sidewalk streets, I ended up on a highway like road that had a dusty “fake” sidewalk. The path was just north from there…there was a slight curve and then I indeed saw no sidewalk at the upcoming intersection. With so many homes around, the place seemed unsuitable for brisk walking with cars zooming by. All this time, the sun was glaring at me. After a few minutes, I saw the sidewalk appear again. It was like a “behold the sidewalk” moment. Finally, I saw the buildings.

Where do I go?
Upon arrival, I saw many trailers and walked around. It looked like all of them were closed. I got worried because the interview time was drawing near while I scrambled to find the building. Luckily, I saw a mini curved path that led to the “main” building and I finally went in, greeted the receptionist and sat on a chair. There was apparently a little bug on my shirt as well which was interesting and random.

The Interview
I was greeted by the manager and took a seat in a conference room and was asked basic questions on customer service and handling situations by 3 people. It wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. After that, I was taken on a tour of the area and there were so many types of workers from construction to calendar designers. It was interesting since all the maintenance workers were situated there and were sent to the main campus to the south for work orders. I saw some incredible tools I’ve never seen. The workers were handling all sorts of tools. It was as if I was on the “Ask This Old House” TV show. During the tour, one of the interviewers asked me how I came. I replied that I walked and she was surprised. We should all walk instead of taking our cars, if possible, to work. Anyway, that was all and I returned and said thank you for your time and went back to my apartment. The way back seemed longer as usual, and I came back safely and went on with my day with more job searches.

Side Note: There should be sidewalks everywhere. Definitely not walking-friendly and dangerous as well!

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