How I got involved with foreign music

Mainstream music is considered the “norm” here in America. There are probably very few people my age who listen to the music I do. The key message here is: If you don’t listen to the most popular and latest hits or watch current movies, you are not going to have smooth conversations. This may be the reason why I have a hard time “fitting in.” I just don’t want to get into the mainstream hype. I enjoy the foreign music very much more than the music here.

How did I get involved with foreign music? It was actually DDTank (that online game I talked to you about). I met a couple of people who introduced me to one or two singers/bands and I suddenly found myself in a whole new world of music. Granted this music is popular in those countries, I still could not get myself away from listening to them here in America.

People say music is life and it is one of those things that gets you motivated at times. It helps us understand other cultures even though we may never get to understand the lyrics. Yes, I have listened to a song (Pergilah Kasih – mentioned in a previous post) for almost 2 years even though I never understood the lyrics. It may sound odd, but hey that’s me.

Moreover, I checked out other artists and found some nice beats. The truth is I thoroughly enjoy Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and some Vietnamese songs more than American songs. I just don’t know why but my mind was captivated quickly. I remember I listened to one song by a solo singer named Irwansyah I believe for almost an entire night while staying awake. It was officially winter break and classes had ceased for a couple of weeks so I might as well thought I would pull my first all-nighter.

I want to digress for a moment: Yes, I did pull an all-nighter for a weird reason. Almost every student does that for studying or perhaps other reasons, but I was just captivated by that song so much.

Back to the music discussion…foreign music got to me like Greek. That particular music found me, I never found it. It is as if I was meant to listen to it. I don’t know why but for Greek that appears to be the case. I enjoy talking about Greek especially with my friends and family no matter how repetitive it may be. Even though foreign music and Greek may seem like useless hobbies, they do sharpen my mind and cultivate my creativity for other projects and activities.

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