Yoga is simply the best way to relax yourself! Yoga poses can be found anywhere; however, I found “Yoga with Adriene” to be the most helpful because she is an expert and goes through all the steps carefully and on her YouTube channel, she has countless videos including a 30 days of yoga series.

When I first started that series, I had no idea what to expect. But, Adriene explained everything before she executed any poses and I remember the downward facing dog, child and cobra poses the most. They were the most common found in every video on the series. In the videos, there would always be some stretching and breathing practice. Adriene always said people forget to breathe sometimes and I learned from her that timing the breathing and doing it correctly has tremendous benefits. I can guarantee you will be relived of some tension in your lives.

If you haven’t already tried yoga, you should try it. On the outside, you may not feel like anything improved, but your mind will be much freer and your body happier than before!

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