The link between Classical Greek and English grammar.

Most of us are fluent in English; but, how many of us can actually recall the grammatical rules and even explain how/why they function the way they do? That is the precise skill Classical Greek language students must have or at least recognize and apply the knowledge learned in the book fluidly. My Greek instructor always told us that knowing English grammar is one of the most important tools when learning the Greek language simply because Greek grammar is even more complex and unrestricted unlike the English placement of subject-verb-predicate and other constructions. In fact, Greek has 5 cases for nouns/adjectives and each has its own unique presence and role. Verbs are also deceptive but have tons of information inside them.

Word order in Greek is also wacky as my instructor says and a single sentence may be represented in many different ways. What’s more is that a Greek sentence is highly concise and all the clues and answers are hidden in that teeny tiny sentence! You’d be surprised to know Greeks elaborate their “time spans” such as when an event takes place or for how long an event took place. Moreover, Greek has tons of sentence constructions that may appear bizarre but they are sort of like words that have superpowers!

So, come and join me in upcoming posts to see just how intricate and beautiful the Greek language really is! See you later… 🙂

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