Humans are the worst creatures…(Quote from historical K-drama, Iron Empress)

As I was watching the historical drama The Iron Empress, I couldn’t help but dwell on one of the quotes said by a prince who loved a widowed queen. Back in those days, a queen could not remarry, but a man could and so, the prince said something that went like this:

“Humans are the worst creatures. They cannot be with whom they desire — Even the earthworms and microorganisms in the dirt are free to roam around and be with whomever they wish.”

This struck me because of two things – manipulation and control…When people interfere with others, they do it because of tradition, religion or some other motive. Humans seem to be the only creatures who like to shun, mock and damage other human beings. Who is to say one person cannot like/love/be with another person? Unfortunately, the prince and the queen were forcefully and cruelly segregated – the prince was exiled and the queen sent back to the palace. They had no say in their innocence or a chance to petition to the king. I can only imagine how some young adults must feel when their parents/guardians/family do the same. The human desire to manipulate and stick to an old tradition is beyond me.

The prince and queen were clearly not plotting anything and only wished to be with each other til the end and happy. Moreover, the two desired that their child only live long and happy — every parents’ dream.

Today, we are told not to like this person or that person, stay away from any relationship or even just move away. That is total manipulation and control of another human being. Human greed is the simple explanation and it accounts for many other things. People must realize it is wrong to do this and that traditions change or die out. A person’s entire livelihood is severely threatened. I can only imagine how the prince felt when he found out his wife passed away after childbirth. Even though it is only a representation, it’s a powerful scene indicating all that happened between them – the injustice, hatred and traditional values that played against them.

We must return independence and allow people, especially young adults, to do what they want and stop behaving in such a way that is deemed as “mature and right.” It is time we challenge tradition and the norms of today, especially those that involve relationships and gender differences. Only after we respect one another’s decisions will we become truly moral.

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