Transform a pencil into a plant! *Corrected*

Sprout Pencil is creative! Can you imagine a pencil --> plant?? How cool is that? What if pencils could turns into a plant? Now they can: Via @sproutpencil #solutions4climate— Connect4Climate (@Connect4Climate) March 31, 2016


“Free” Items Lead to a Greater Issue

Two days ago, there was an ad in the mail for FREE pizza (any size, any topping). At first, it seemed like a good idea because pizza is delicious and it saves money. However, my dad pointed out something significant: There are many poor people in the world who don't even have enough to eat,... Continue Reading →

Happy World Meteorological Day!

Yesterday was World Meteorological Day so I have another poem ready in honor of our wonderful atmosphere: You are the sky, sun and clouds, In cities you hover far above the crowds. Sometimes you pour down rain on us, Only to give us a surprise when we must take the bus. With El Nino and... Continue Reading →

Happy World Water Day!

A poem for all the tiny drops of water that make up our vast oceans, rivers, lakes, seas and ponds: People say you are life, But in a few decades, we will undergo a strife. The poor are deprived of you, While the fortunate are indifferent of you. Conservation is key to keep you alive,... Continue Reading →

Happy International Forest Day!

Here's a poem for all those trees providing us oxygen on this wonderful day and for many years...   Oh mighty trees, you sway left and right. Your branches sometimes fly like frisbees, but no problem, you grow them right back with sufficient light. With photosynthesis you suck in carbon and make oxygen and food,... Continue Reading →

Two sides to everything

There are good memories and there are some that are bad... There are good people and there are bad people... We must look at both ends of a situation, topic or argument to get a better general idea of what's going on... I believe doing harm to our planet is terrible, but we also have... Continue Reading →

5 Mistakes I Made During My College Years

The same goes for me…


Admitting we made a mistake is one of the hardest things we can do.  It’s right up there with giving a sincere apology.  As humans we tend to be proud creatures and we hate admitting we were wrong about something.  But the thing is, humility is good for your soul… literally.

So I’m taking a step down and admitting that I made a few mistakes with my college experience – ones that if I could go back and change, I’d do it.  I can tell you right now I made more than five mistakes over my college years, but five is all your getting (don’t worry, they’re the major ones).

5 mistakes i made during my college years

5 Mistakes I Made During My College Years

1.) Not getting involved.

Getting involved with clubs and sports at school is huge for meeting new people and making connections.  I did not do this well, let me tell you that.  I…

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Put down that phone for a good cause…

I invite you all to take this challenge -- it involves placing your phone down on a table and just leaving it...sounds easy doesn't it? It really is and you will be providing clean water for a child in need. Go to UNICEFTAPPROJECT.ORG and get started. I just started today and am loving's so simple... Continue Reading →

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