Happy World Water Day!

A poem for all the tiny drops of water that make up our vast oceans, rivers, lakes, seas and ponds:

People say you are life,

But in a few decades, we will undergo a strife.

The poor are deprived of you,

While the fortunate are indifferent of you.

Conservation is key to keep you alive,

Oh so many people take a dive.

You are found everywhere on the Earth,

In fact we always wondered of your birth.

Water oh water we need you forever,

What will it take for people to realize your importance.

Only when your last drop is in our mouth,

Will we need to travel to the South.

The South is where you are vast,

We cannot believe no one has gone there in the past.

Water oh water the poor cry look for you endlessly,

What will it take for the wealthy to fight for your importance feverishly.

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