Happy World Meteorological Day!

Yesterday was World Meteorological Day so I have another poem ready in honor of our wonderful atmosphere:

You are the sky, sun and clouds,

In cities you hover far above the crowds.

Sometimes you pour down rain on us,

Only to give us a surprise when we must take the bus.

With El Nino and La Nina you alter our existence,

Fishermen cry at times while others must tread through floods and provide sustenance.

Seeing distinct clouds excite me,

Oh I wonder if lightning will strike a tree.

You are sometimes the most fierce,

Bringing hurricanes and tornadoes that pierce.

We cannot control you but you seem to control us,

We have no choice but to make a fuss.

We appreciate all you do to give us food,

But sometimes you change and we are then in a bad mood.

***Let me know if you want me to write a poem on another topic and I would be glad to write one for you! :)***

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