“Free” Items Lead to a Greater Issue

Two days ago, there was an ad in the mail for FREE pizza (any size, any topping). At first, it seemed like a good idea because pizza is delicious and it saves money. However, my dad pointed out something significant: There are many poor people in the world who don’t even have enough to eat, so why should we accept something free?

That instantly caught my attention because I realized he was right in that aspect, a huge aspect. It made me think back to my college courses. The saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch” came to mind and then I connected the dots and it made even more sense. We should not freely take anything free because there are so many other implications we tend to not take in account.

The image of starving people is saddening. As a society, we should not accept free items so freely but rather feed the homeless and those who are the most needy. Plus, major companies should restrict FREE pizzas to those who are poor or meet certain standards. Providing FREE items to ALL citizens is just feeding the consumers who want to take anything. Moreover, parents should teach their children to not accept FREE items all the time but rather to think: Will this item help me? Is there anything else that could be done.

So, it is best to not take that FREE pizza, but rather think about those who are constantly suffering. Even the thought counts, yet some people I know would hungrily and feverishly take all free items; they simply do not take the time to think about the greater issue at hand.

In one way, it is really a shame that we fill our bellies with the best of everything from technology to food, but we do not solve our poverty and food issues. People say they want to eradicate poverty and hunger, but they continue to satiate their own needs over the line. This needs to stop. We should be less materialistic and consume only as much as we need. Also, we should learn to be even more patient in certain aspects and not so be full in blaming others all the time for the way they act. That is the sincere way of improving the world in which we live.

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