5 Hobbies of Mine



I thought it’d be nice to write about a couple of my hobbies:

  1. Greek – You probably already know this if you’ve read my previous posts but I am completely mesmerized and taken by the language. I like to share anything Greek with friends and family, be it food, word roots or lines from some translations I work on. I wish others would be more into it so I’d have buddies to chat with…there’s always so much going on with the grammar and syntax!
  2. Foreign Songs – I talked about this in a few posts but did you know I love singing and listening to songs from Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam? Well, I can only sing 1 song by heart – Pergilah Kasih (originally by Chrisye, but there are modern versions by D’Masiv Band and Judika). The rest are simply soothing to the ear. The majority of the songs are from Malaysia/Indonesia – I just can’t stop listening to them.
  3. Korean HISTORICAL DRAMAS & SITCOMS – I absolutely enjoy watching the historical dramas – Jumong, Emperor of the Sea, Kingdom of the Wind, The Iron Empress and Yi San are a couple of my favorites! From Gogoryeo to Goryo to Joseon, the dynasties and battles are endless. I love the High Kick series, too – seriously hilarious and everyone should watch it.
  4. Watching Expats in Korea & Japan – I don’t know why but I love watching their VLOGS and random videos about daily life and food. The topics range from vending machines to street walk & talks – simply amazing! You can travel virtually by just following along with the many videos – exploring Seoul is my favorite.
  5. Street Food Videos & Other Food Bloggers– Watching people cook street food for long periods of time may seem odd, but the food looks so good. Although I won’t get to try all of them out, I enjoy seeing different versions of classics and also some creative twists. Also, the videos clear up many misconceptions for the “food stereotypes.”

There you have it – I will continue to share more posts later on when I think of more ideas. Thank you for reading!

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