Lessons from Resume Editing

Since graduation, I’ve been constantly working on my resume by finding out tips from people on websites. The funny thing is that EVERYONE says the same thing:

My tips will get you interviews.”

However, after months of job searching, I still had no luck. After 2016 came I knew I had to look for something more unique…and I found http://www.jobinterviewtools.com. Yes, you do have to pay, but it is very, very affordable. By purchasing the resume workshop modules, I learned way more than I did for months after graduation. I was looking in the wrong direction in trying to figure out what would make my resume stand out.What I learned was amazing. Compared to my first couple of resumes I used in college, I noticed I had made significant progress. In the early days, I realized I used so many cliche words that had no bearing so my resume was trash. There was nothing in the resume that actually depicted skills and accomplishments besides volunteering. Now, I am so happy to have found those modules because I can see the difference they made. My mind has also been sharpened because I can instantly come up with ways to strengthen and highlight my accomplishments using action words and brief statements to capture the attention of the hiring manager.

Less is more. Yes, less is truly A LOT more. By structuring my resume in such a way so that it retained simplicity and only the most relevant information, I realized I was a complete novice at resume writing even in college. What’s more,  my college career center’s resume critique was not actually helpful at all…and it is shocking since they should be giving useful advice.

Also, education is really not important considering so many people already have degrees. Your past internships and work experience should showcase you and define you instantly when someone picks up to read your resume. Numbers are especially captivating, too so use those. Remember, it’s best to keep on proofreading your resume. Whenever I find out something new, I make edits right away so my resume keeps on changing. Unfortunately, you’ll have to upload a new resume every time to job boards when you make even the slightest edit, so .docx/.doc format is best! It is actually fun to keep on changing up your resume plus it’s best to be up-to-date since you’ll likely learn new skills and maybe even volunteer or intern.

I am still job hunting, but I am much more confident and cheerful…but I need to practice interview skills, too! My interview lessons and tips will be found in another post so stay tuned! Thank you for reading this post. 🙂 Go CRAZY with resume edits…you never know when it’ll make a difference!

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