Are we citizens of the world?

Socrates said:  I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.

Socrates amazes me with all his wonderful wisdom and quotes found around the web. There is hardly a day where Socrates is never mentioned whenever I check social media. This quote reminds me of the term “global citizen” and how each of us plays a role in bettering society. But, these days, what Socrates said is more relevant than ever because of global security, world powers and our environmental impacts. I believe a citizen of the world or a global citizen should act in such a way that makes him or her accomplish a set of tasks. It’s as if we are all on a lifelong quest doing good for others. The same can be applied in that the “quests” are actually potential solutions to world problems. I will hopefully answer the following question: How do global citizens tie in with that notion?

For this post, I will focus on food since it’s an easy choice and fairly obvious to all. Food waste is a huge problem, especially in first world countries that display their dominance over other nations. Global citizens are those who do good not for their own benefit but for the benefit of something else, be it humankind or a gift to nature. We know of the United Nations Food Programme that is a huge organization full of global citizens of different ranks. There must be a leader or president and other subordinates of different specializations. Finally, the masses like you and me are the main force that takes the action to greater levels. Global citizens undergo certain quests; in this case, food related quests. Now, there are probably many branches of this wide category. If you imagine a tree and each branch as a “mini quest” then you can see just how diverse one “main quest” can be. Food is the main quest while mini quests can involve composting, generating petitions, campaigns and even producing innovations and statistics. The whole idea of a global citizen likely sounds befuddling to you right now, but not to worry.

As I stated before, a global citizen is anyone who puts his or her own powers to good use to serve as potential solutions for global issues. Therefore, Socrates was sharp in indicating how we can accomplish so much together. Rather than considering our wide variety of nationalities, we can see ourselves as one nationality – a global citizen. By taking the bus or removing grass and implementing drought-tolerant plants, you are taking small steps as a global citizen. It is important to recognize ourselves as “global” to ensure the collective mindset. Teamwork is the simplest one word term to describe such a movement. The global citizen movement is one that seeks to improve society or the environment. I invite you to explore some of these movements and come up with some examples. There are so many examples and I’m sure we all have our passions and desires to better the world…


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