Why we need to be more open…

Wherever we go, we see cultures that have peculiar habits, values, and beliefs. To us, their behaviors are a mystery and will remain that way – after all, we are here to explore, learn and adapt. But, relationships, health and many other topics are very closed. What do I mean? We tend to shy away and do things that are harmful to ourselves and others.

We all have heard of breakups…the norm is that they simply happen. But, we seem to shrug any problem we have and move on. After all, we shouldn’t keep too many things to ourselves, right? But, that’s exactly what’s happening today if you just pay close attention. Let’s explore a few situations:

1) Spouses and Cheating: Oh, boy. We are never content with who we have. We do bad things in secrecy believing the other person will never find out and the children suffer. In America, we wonder why divorce rates are so high and even little children get involved so early. We need to be content and I would repeat this again and again. Our desires for attractiveness and hotness are way too overrated…we know those ads on TV and people who seem to be “gorgeous” or the “most beautiful.” We EVEN have ratings for men and women and who are the top people? Celebrities, of course. It makes us seem as if we’re ugly and just below everyone else. That is one reason we need to get rid of these so-called rankings. They have no concrete purpose – so I just can’t help wonder why they even exist…and we also need to control our own emotions and desires for MORE AND BETTER  which leads me to the next situation. Wake up and don’t do negative things to hurt yourself and your spouse. Open up.

2) Magazines Promoting THIN THIN THINAnother reason why need to be more content. You don’t need to be thin to be your best. THIS IS SCARY. Consumers will rush to get the best products to look the best and stay thin. The idea of finding the correct way to eat is so convoluted…there’s too much information that’s junk. Why spend so much money on those beauty products and material goods that will ONLY ALTER YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, NOT YOUR TRUE SELF. You cannot change yourself by changing your looks. Your heart will remain tainted and mind in deep, useless thoughts that will only continue to degrade your soul. If only we looked to nature for simplicity – why make things more complicated? Wake up and open your minds.

3) Stereotypes Hurt Everyone:  Just keep it simple stupid. This is probably why we have so much rage inside us…we might not show it frequently, but its still there. Think of it as a silent annoyance – one that is very,  very costly and burning humanity. We will never be united if we still have stereotypes applied to every inch of society. How can we work together if we continue to fight? Think of that odd kid out at the lunch table who sits alone. Why? Because he/she as no friends? Ok, so why? Because there’s no one that accepts him/her as a friend. It’s not his/her fault…it’s society’s fault. We blame the individual and the individual suffers. We see it at schools where certain students are targeted. We need stricter punishments…make that NEGATIVE ZERO TOLERANCE. Future generations are sure to suffer because of all the mistakes we continue to make…wake up and open your hearts.

This post is meant to establish #PowerForHumanity. We need to get involved and do things together, not separate ourselves and change ourselves physically thinking more people will like us. We need to focus on what’s right, not what’s popular. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on some tough topics.

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