Have you checked out these sites?

telescope-science-discover-worldThis post will be solely devoted to discovering something new. Sometimes, we tend to explore only the popular sites…but, there are tons of sites that are informative! Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge…

1) Earth Directory – Earth Directory is a site dedicated to showing you how sustainable businesses are the future and contains a growing number of articles on the hottest environmental topics. Not only does it offer articles, but also provides a valuable directory of GREEN & SUSTAINABLE businesses, restaurants and more. So, if you enjoy reading or just browsing, check out http://earthdirectory.info/ and nature will give you a big smile wherever you reside. 🙂

2) Workpop – You know Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder, right? Well, I just discovered Workpop and I have to tell you, it is so simple, clean, fast and fantastic. From finding jobs to clicking on the job description to applying, the interface is just so crisp and loads incredibly fast. You can even withdraw and re-submit applications if you made a mistake or wish to modify, get instant status updates on your application and more. Yes, you will be notified if your application is read and other steps in the process. I mean, it sucks to never be notified and even more annoying to know whether the hiring manager read your application or not. I love the name, too…it is as if you’re popping bubbles looking for work. There are message and community tabs (YES, there’s even a forum to discuss interviews, career advice and get feedback on your applications before submitting!) that are sure to help you. I wish HR would post more on Workpop…it is simply more user-friendly. Again, check it out here: https://beta.workpop.com.

3) Japanchanneldcom (a YouTube channel) –  With over 2400+ videos, you’re sure to learn an incredible amount of information on Japan and its culture. I have watched videos from this channel and let me tell you that you will be happy to find out how Japan really works. From how-to-videos to food and vending machines to nature and environmental related topics, you will see something new, guaranteed! Many people say they want to go to Japan, but they should absolutely check this channel out before they go or if they just want to explore the culture and how things are done. I love the videos – there are even small clips of new foods and cool things you will never ever see on television or anywhere else on YouTube. I highly recommend you subscribe and share this channel with everyone you know!

4) Givling – Givling combines crowdfunding, paying off loans and trivia (true/false). You can play free once a day and purchase coins to play more. You can play on the web or by downloading the app. Once you make an account, you become part of a queue so you will have a # followed by your username/ID. The lower your number, the closer you are to getting your loans paid off. ALSO, there are daily winners – the team that gets the highest score every 24 hrs wins some money which varies depending on scores and funding! Read up all the rules and FAQs. The website and app layouts are super user-friendly so navigation will be a breeze. There is also a new feature called challenges but read up on that as well. Of course, the more people buy coins and fund the queue, the more money there will be to pay off loans. There are millions of people who have loans so can you imagine how awesome it would be if loans were to be paid off daily!? This is huge considering loans suck. Go to https://givling.com/givling/ and play some neat trivia! Here, your knowledge is tested instead! 🙂

This post is quite long, but I hope you enjoy it. The sites are hyperlinked for your convenience if you don’t like scanning through long walls of text. 🙂


Image Credit: jaymantri.com 


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