Gift of Words to my Mother + Earth Mother

To my wonderful, patient and concerned mother:

I have wronged you many times in the past, but I am glad to have had such amazing learning experiences. You teach me to speak up, so I do. I may be quiet in-person, but I write to have my voice heard. We walk many, many miles together since we are master walkers; we do not need to depend on cars. You showed me your courage and dedication by walking me to school when I was young and walking to work from there. You said that your children came first and you proved that. You make me feel worthy and powerful. Although we had our fights and I said some hurtful words, I am grateful of your willpower. Every time I did something wrong, I ended up reflecting silently. You know, I think and worry more than other people. Maybe that’s why I am so anxious all the time. But, I do heed your kind words and lessons.

You help me understand bus timings and schedules. You taught me to cook so many delicious dishes and I am eager to learn more. You tell me prayers are the most important but I have been lacking the past years. I hope to do better in the future. I do not act my best at times, but I try. Your love is always precious and I thank you for that. Happy Mother’s Day. I have never ever gifted anyone in my life and lost so many opportunities. These are my gift of words to you.

But, now I realize…Mother Earth also deserves our attention and love. It irks me to see litter and damage being done to our environment. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, my ethereal mother.

Let’s give all our attention to our mothers every day, keep them happy and help them face challenges. Also, keep in mind we have our Earth Mother, too…we may not see her, but she is all around us, just like our true mother! 🙂

Happy #MothersDay to all! #EarthDay every day!

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