God of Study – Korean Drama

God of Study is a motivational drama involving an attorney who vows to teach 5 low-ranked high school students the meaning of hard work and get them into a top university. 

I finished this 16 episode drama a little while ago and was put to tears. I usually get emotional quickly when dramas end and feel like they have impacted my life tremendously. I don’t know why I feel this way but nevertheless, the 5 students get tested to the max. Their lives are also comparable to those of poor or broken families. They pretty much have nothing to depend on and studying is often the only thing they should have on their minds as is the case for South Korean students. I cannot tell you how much I learned. In fact, I wish I had found this drama when I was in high school. It is absolutely uplifting, yet depressing at times because students are interesting creatures and everyone tells us no matter what part of the globe we are from that hard work is indeed an indicator of success


It’s not all about that as it seems in the last two episodes. If you saw it, you know there’s something tricky. It’s not all about college and studying but rather the way we decide to live our lives and our choices. That is exactly what the attorney wished to instill in the students and that’s what happened. His farewell speech also got me teared up because it’s hard to let go of so many things once we get used to them. Moreover, I feel like as a society, we need to consider our choices and who we elect and how we contribute whether negative or positive. No matter where we find ourselves, we are confused and same for me – there is always something I ponder about that makes me anxious. I don’t know how the world’s going to be but living needs to be worthy, disregarding all the negatives that take place. 

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