Life Challenge 1

I believed being a serious person and concentrating solely on tasks such as homework, projects, and job-related duties were crucial in attaining good grades or being efficient. I forgot to lighten myself with laughter. To add on to what was stated in my God of Study post, hard work must be accompanied by some laughter. The 5 students had their share of challenges and family issues, but they eventually connected with one another and shared laughter and immense joy. That got to me because my school years and even college years were filled with just work, not much laughter and fun time. People say you should have fun, but not too much fun or else your distraction will lead to greater problems. I was too afraid to find the balance thinking I would aim too high or low; hopefully, that will change.

The challenge as stated in the title is to be more presentable and friendly. I am not sure how I will go about it this instant, but will try to make changes. But, I want to emphasize the problem of how students are taught to work so much – maybe there should be some “tech/free time” implemented so students can go on their phones and do whatever they want and then go back to no-phone policy classes. That way, at least they get a chance to respond to messages or do other things. Students need some time to relax. Not only that, they will also be tested to see how patient they can be without their phones in class. Of course, those who study already won’t have a problem. Anyway, that quick example was just a way of changing up the way we think of schools and how some students dreads going to class.

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

5 thoughts on “Life Challenge 1

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    1. Ah yes, finding that fine boundary of steadiness is a challenge in itself. It would be fantastic to have a means of measuring how much one can handle so we don’t shoot too high or low. Maybe there’s an app that has crazy calculations and such to figure out those minute details…

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      1. Self reflection is great and I remember in school, after a big paper or project we were asked to write about how we felt about our effort and what else could have been done.

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