Man up? Man down.

As males, we are tested and treated differently by other males. If we're bullied, we have to take it, let it all seep in and quickly cap that frustration before it gets out. If we want to talk about something socially unacceptable, where do we go? We go to those few friends who we can... Continue Reading →


What it means to be Muslim…

A Muslim undoubtedly faces criticism at least a few times in his/her life. Unfortunately, that criticism is harsh. I want to clear up a few points: Yes, we do not consume pork, alcohol or smoke. I don't get why people just don't understand and have to be told repeatedly. It's as clear as it can... Continue Reading →

Letter to Posterity

Dear people of the future: It is a hectic time now in 2016. We have achieved so little even when we think we have the best technology and most wealth. War is still plaguing our planet. Every day you would have heard the cries of children and mothers. Every now and then you would hear... Continue Reading →

How I use my break times at work

For most of us, breaks mean relaxation. Exploring hundreds of posts on Facebook and Twitter and looking at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest are just about what most probably enjoy doing. Their brains are at ease and they do not even want to think about anything intensive. My approach? The opposite. I do Classical Greek... Continue Reading →

Walking 101 (How to be a pedestrian) 

In drivers' handbooks we are told pedestrians have the right of way to cross and wherever they happen to appear, every vehicle must yield to them. This is definitely not the case nowadays with texting while walking, thinking the drivers will automatically stop for you and more. I will share some of what I have... Continue Reading →

Who are we? 

Who am I?  I am not a sports-lover, I am not a beer-lover, I am not a car fanatic. I am the atypical male.  Who are you? Whatever marks or stigmas society places on us (for any person) are intangible. So love yourself. As much as you'll be criticized and told repeatedly, there is no... Continue Reading →

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