Who are we? 

Who am I? 

I am not a sports-lover,

I am not a beer-lover,

I am not a car fanatic.

I am the atypical male. 

Who are you?

Whatever marks or stigmas society places on us (for any person) are intangible. So love yourself. As much as you’ll be criticized and told repeatedly, there is no one to control yourself except you. Your memories may conjure enough power to overtake your existence, but gather your own energy and try to defeat them before they cause you to suffer. This arduous path will remain as long as we live so whatever happens, let it happen. Your worthiness is independent from material wealth and all the mistakes you make; rather, your character and reactions to life’s dilemmas are the critical factors allowing you to live a free life. 

Happy Saturday and may your paths be filled with ease.

Image Credit: Kaique Rocha (Pexels)


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