How I use my break times at work

For most of us, breaks mean relaxation. Exploring hundreds of posts on Facebook and Twitter and looking at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest are just about what most probably enjoy doing. Their brains are at ease and they do not even want to think about anything intensive. My approach? The opposite. I do Classical Greek translations. Since senior year in college, I found it hard to NOT think about doing more translations. I love the word and sentence formats. The stories are also captivating, even if they are abridged and heavily edited. Moreover, the irony is that Greek demands as much brain power as other subjects. Why in the world would I want to exert more pressure on my brain? I find it soothing to just be in the process of doing translations. In other words, Greek is something I enjoy doing; no matter how much attention I must devote, it makes me feel good. Not only does it improve my mood, it also boosts my productivity and that is a clear win-win for me. So, use your break times wisely. Of course, I usually visit the restroom before I translate and/or eat so I am fresh and ready to go.

The key idea is to cultivate one or two of your passions. Devoting just one hour per workday means 5 hours per week granted you do other activities during the weekend. So, that is about 20 hours a month and 240 HOURS in a year! Depending on how long you have been actively pursuing your passion, you can easily reach 1000+ hours in a matter of years.

I find it harder to concentrate at home and other places so the environment at work is just the right fit for me – peace and quiet!

I already see improvements in my ability to look at words and grasp their meanings and identifications and the same goes for sentences. Although I still find certain parts to be tricky and confusing, I will be sure to understand the complex grammar in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do what you love and do not let social media rule you!

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      1. How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Alchemist, The Compound Effect, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Third Circle Theory.. those are some more business oriented books my favourite book of all time not related to that is called Shogun!

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