Letter to Posterity

Dear people of the future:

It is a hectic time now in 2016. We have achieved so little even when we think we have the best technology and most wealth. War is still plaguing our planet. Every day you would have heard the cries of children and mothers. Every now and then you would hear of mass shootings. These events shook us to the point where we were confused and had no choice but to pray for a better future. How is your life? Are wars still raging? Is prejudice rampant? Is there freedom for all? What about poverty? Have you solved that issue and climate change as well?

Oh how I wish we would have solved these concerns in our time so you wouldn’t be asked this. It is unfortunate we are heading backwards. We have gone from giving to uncaring and modest to arrogant. What is this life really about? Do you have an answer to this? Have you discovered the secret to curing all ailments? Oh how I wish you could see the sadness tearing this planet apart. Are you even on Earth or have you moved. I know this is difficult for you, you probably suffered much as well because of humanity’s divergence from the truth and lessons from the past. 

I bid you farewell but please help increase charity and goodness. Let love prevail and money be the last thing people look at. Will a time like that ever come? I hope so. 

-Denizen of Earth

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