Squad 38 (Korean Drama) First Impression

I just started watching Squad 38 which is a  new drama about tax collecting, scamming and working lives of public officials. I have to say, I found several thoughtful quotes already. One of my favorites is:

“The law is a bully. It’s weak for the strong and strong for the weak.”

I was instantly reminded of what’s going on here, especially with the elections around the corner. Also it reminded me of how the poor suffer and we need to change the way we conduct tax collecting so that the rich are held accountable. What is the purpose of law when it’s effect is opposite of what it is intended?

The mundane life of office workers like me who are “worker ants” in this world suffer while the wealthy collect all the seeds of our hard work. I mean, we have to suffer in life, but we’re making things more difficult than they need to be. 

Corporations have their own laws and policies that need to be followed but at the end of the day, workers are just numbers. No matter how hard we try it’s scary thinking what’ll happen the next day…will we get fired? Will the company relocate? Will the company face troubles or even go bankrupt? Will other unexpected situations? 

Going back to the drama, there was a scene when the tax collectors went to an impoverished family’s home and put labels on all their belongings. There was a little girl and her grandmother who fight the eye of the team leader. That moment put tears into my eyes. It’s unfair how the poor suffer when the rich can get away or defend themselves with all sorts of loopholes and other sneaky ideas. Looking at the father begging in front of the collectors showed me the intensity and power of money to obliterate livelihoods as well as a means of putting food on the table and buying necessities. I am eager to resume with the 3rd episode – the first 2 were packed with so much detail that I would probably be able to make quite a few posts about them and their connections to life. 

What do you think about laws? What about money? 

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