Life is short…(Mike Mohede’s passing)

I recently found out Mike Mohede, a young Indonesian singer, passed away. He was only 32 and a heart attack claimed his life…and it brings me to say this: we live too far ahead and behind ourselves. Mike had a beautiful voice and conveyed such powerful messages through his songs. Although I have only discovered him recently through recommended videos, I will listen and learn more about him through his lyrics and style. Life and death are important concepts we still don’t quite understand and they forever remain a mystery. What is the meaning of all of this? We will never ever know…

I feel a bit different tonight as midnight approaches and I am writing this – saddened and crying when I hear Mike’s voice. The emotions of his songs are powerful and I can’t bear to his face thinking of his departed soul…

May we have deeper conversations with those around us and discover the wonder of endless exchange of thoughts. Let negativities and small talk never rule our minds. Also, we need to appreciate others for their message and relax our minds. The calmness Mike depicts is wonderful and he has certainly inspired me to not take life too seriously. After all, who are we to say when we will leave this planet? Thank you, Mike, for your wonderful music. Although I only recently found out about you, I wish you well wherever you are now and you touched so many lives.

We can learn so much from the passing of a person, whoever he or she is….the last impression is forever embedded in our hearts and minds. Be yourself. Be unrestrained to a certain degree. Live free and to your heart’s content. Pursue your hobbies and passions and you’ll be just fine.


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