Play music and reflect on the week

Unwinding after the work week on Friday is a common way of relaxing but also thinking back to the good and bad that has happened earlier in the week is important. Every Friday night, I put on some of my favorite music and just think in the background and reflect on all that has happened. Often times, we have so much in our mind we can’t seem to shake off some issues or tasks we have yet to complete. But, not to worry. Calm your mind and ease the transition by picking something you like to do and silently collect your thoughts and shuffle things around.

My 5 song playlist, which I will share in just a moment, is a variety of Korean and Indonesian songs where 3 are instrumentals and 2 are vocal. These songs just fill with me so much emotion. I feel intense happiness, sadness and a multitude of other feelings and this helps me spread out my thoughts like jigsaw puzzle pieces before they are assembled. Then, I sort and categorize information as the songs play…it’s simple really and I find the alone time when I can think in peace to be enjoyable since I can look at all the small details as well as the bigger picture in the most relaxed manner possible.

Anyway, here is my playlist as promised…by the way, what is your playlist like? I’d like to know. 🙂

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