Life is temporary and a test

A life may end as soon as after birth or last as long as a hundred years. Whatever the amount, it is a fleeting event. As the years pass, we develop thoughts, views and opinions of the world around us. Depending on where we grew up, our home environment and any other pre-existing conditions before we were born along with historical context, we establish quite susbstantial differences. What goes on is just a test. 

We will never have all that we want. We will never marry exactly who we love. We will never be the smartest or most athletic. 

We may believe we are at the top of the world or at the lowest, but guess what? We are not ranked. 

The human race has conquered many challenges and continues to strive for excellence. All universities hope to prepare students for the real world, but are we truly in charge? What if the good and bad events were all just a test? No one tells you or gives you advice that your life is all a cumulative exam that depends on the weight of the good and bad deeds. 

Think about it. The people who come and go in your life are the questions who are sometimes easy and hard. There exist those that are of medium type. We tend to fear the hard questions that take long because of all the material and knowledge required to solve the question. People are just like that. Those who drive you nuts are introduced and sometimes play the biggest role in your life. The combination and nunber of easy, medium and hard questions varies from person to person, but there exist extremes that can make or break you. We can call these the make or break questions. Some may be easy but others may require you to spend years working on them. If you’re afflicted with an illness, it’s all about your reaction – either you believe you’re going to recover or not. You stay strong or you don’t. The infinite possibilities and mix of all the events produce the final scale of good and bad. The neutral events are just decisions you make and how you view certain events that take place. If you get a cold, that’s neutral. It does not affect someone else directly. If you help plant trees, that is a good deed. If you harm someone, that is bad. It is as simple as that and if you were to categorize every single event and tally all of them up weighing all the goods and bads in the end, you have found your goodness or badness. 

This odd concept may even have hidden benefits. It may inspire you to do good or take charge of your life. Whatever the case, you will find that there are many aspects of your lives that need improvement. So, are you aiming to be the best of the best? Take the challenge and make good deeds the goal of your life. 

Don’t use money as a primary means of doing good. 

“There are people who are so poor that all they have is money.”

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