Why sad Korean Dramas are addicting

Imagine the most saddening series of events occurring – you’ve got the ideal Korean drama. Why does it draw us in? What makes the content so appealing? Although I’m a male, I find the saddest dramas to be the most interesting and also the most touching. The imagery and heartbreaking scenes are part of the reason why I watch them. Another important aspect is the the depiction of reality. 

Reality is dangerous and something we all want to stay away from – this is why we always hear the phrase “escape from reality.” We do not want to do many things, but that’s reality – things that must be done for the sake of living. Now, going back to the dramas, we see people dying of disease or in car accidents. Characters face devastating challenges. How will the children cope with the loss of one or both parents? How will the orphan grow to be successful? Often, dramas have their crying points and their happy points. These two terms represent two entirely distinct situations or events or any scene for that matter where we can clearly distinguish the emotions. The drama may start out happy and then become sad later on vice-versa. Therefore, we can categorize sad dramas in two ways and further break them down by the number of points they earn. 

We all want to see happy or at least comedy scenes, but sad moments bring us the most strength. Holding onto an event from the past may seem like a weakness but it may be a strength. Something that captivates us the most or makes us go crazy may be significant. Our memories develop and we ultimately carry many different types of events until the end of our life. Anyway, the heartbreaking parts are real to us just like all the other events happening simultaneously.

Who knows when we will face obstacles in our life? How will we cope with the loss of loved ones or friends? How do we handle terminal illness? Can two friends become lovers? Can our personalities truly change? These are all relevant questions, but we have to take a closer look at each one to discover the power and significance. 

So next time you watch a drama, go one step ahead and understand each character’s personality and relationships. What’s good and bad about that person? Can you relate? Do you know others like him/her? These are wonderful questions which make us realize we are not so different and that we will learn more about ourselves. 

“Watching dramas helps us connect with people and understand their struggles and successes, thereby increasing our ability to understand the ups and downs of life.” -Aziz

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