Salt Trader and Miner

The ones who toiled in the salt mines know.

The ones who struggled to survive selling salt know.

No matter where the ancients lived or worked, we can see the mirror images. 

Kings were like presidents. 

The blue and white collar workers are like the working class shuffling through the markets.

The land was vast back then, who knew what the next big discovery would be… Today we have much of the ocean and outer space to explore. 

We plagued our lands with money. The ancients ravaged the lands for riches in various forms. 

Aren’t we the same? The salt traders and miners back then were just like us, living day by day, experiencing the good and bad and enjoying the sunrises and sunsets only to look forward to another day of work. 

As time went on, we only continued the laborious process that retains much of the same characteristics as those of the working class back then. Isn’t this amazing? 

#Salt = #life

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