Social Media and the Hajj Pilgrimage

The rituals of the Hajj are taking place as we speak and every Hajj-related article has its negativities. I am following the comments on ABC 7's Facebook page for the following article: After a quick glance, I already see terrible, idiotic comments from people who have no decency: 1) The stampede that killed around... Continue Reading →


5 Important Life Lessons from Warcraft

Warcraft takes place in a magical world, but did you know deep inside there are some hidden gems? It's not just a story, it's like Aesop's fables - crafted for more than just reading. Here we go: 1) Work together to combat evil: Humans, orcs and elves fought together to protect the world from the... Continue Reading →


What is your ideal waffle? Drenched in syrup and topped with raspberries? Whatever the choice, they are delicious.  They are the perfect breakfast on the weekend when we are not rushed. I love eating mine with cream cheese and honey - that combination works well for any sweet meal.  This is a quick post where... Continue Reading →

Got Friends?

A friend is: One who can relate to you. One who knows what's happening to you. One who can vouch for you in the event of an emergency or an urgency. Friendship is perceived differently by any two given people. One may believe fewer friends is best while another grasps the notion of popularity. Who... Continue Reading →

An act of kindness is waiting…

A man dressed in worn-out clothing with a leg injury passes by many in the ever lively NYC. Businessmen, lawyers, doctors, teachers and others zoomed by him, not even giving the man a simple "hello" or cheerful wave.  What does it take to notice someone? Do they have to be critically injured? Do we not... Continue Reading →

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